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Erasmus stay

Will you be going on a Erasmus+ stay in Denmark immediately after the Danish summer language course?

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If yes, attach documentation in the form of a letter from your home institution or from the Danish host institution, which specifies type of stay and the dates of your stay.

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Scholarship request (ONLY if eligible according to the Cultural Agreements under UI)

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Are you taking or have you taken courses in Danish in your home country?

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Has a lecturer in Danish recommended you for a scholarship within the framework of the Cultural Agreements?

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Will you use this language course as a preparation for further studies in Denmark?

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Please list, in order of preference, which Danish summer language course you would like to attend. (You may choose only one course provider as first choice. Applicants who choose several course providers as first choice will not be offered a scholarship.)
If you are not granted a scholarship for the course of your choice, what is your second priority (if any)?
Motivation letter (at least half a page): Please write about why you think that you will benefit from participating in a Danish summer language course in Denmark.
Comments or other reasons to apply for a scholarship?